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WMF Water Carafe with 'close up' lid

WMF Water Carafe with ‘close up’ lid

Offer drinking water in style at your dinner table with this water bottle from WMF. Its sleek appearance adds some class to your dinner table. The close up lid allows to add plenty of ice cubes which will stay in the bottle when pouring. The bottle is also great to flavor the water. Just add slices of lemon, orange, lime, strawberries, apple, cucumber (yes, it’s tasty too), pieces of ginger root, herbs like mint, and let stand for a couple of hours. You will be surprised how much flavor a few extra slices of fruit will add to the water. After pouring just add some more water to the bottle and keep refrigerated to enjoy the flavor for a couple of days. And it’s easy to clean too.

The water carafe comes in two sizes (8 cups and 12 cups) and can be purchased at http://www.morethankitchen.com/wmf/water/0617706040

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