Gourmet Pyramid

Gourmet Pyramid

A New Dining Experience Is Coming Your Way With The Gourmet Pyramid

Every dinner guest can be the chef with the Gourmet Pyramid. The unique three tiered structure allows the user to grill small meat, fish, or vegetable pieces while four small pans underneath provide a place to melt cheese or reheat other delicacies.

Gourmet Pyramid / raclette grillWith the winter season fast approaching food lovers will soon start planning delightful dinners for their friend and family. Now is the time to sit down and relax while enjoying each other’s company. But who wants to be the one to stand in the kitchen while everybody else has good conversations at the dinner table? The Gourmet Pyramid brings the kitchen to the table.

Precut meat, chicken, fish, and vegetables can be grilled on the pyramids grilling surface while four small dishes are available to reheat precooked delicacies or to melt cheese to add to the grilled goods later. Every dinner guest can put together their own menu choosing from the prepared food available.

The Gourmet Pyramid contains a base with a heating element, a three tier grill top, four pans, and four tongs to handle the food. The advantage of this set up is more grill surface on a rather small footprint of the unit. The separate grill areas avoid mixing of sauces and juices from meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Separate your grill goods, e.g. white meat below, red meat or fish on the second level, vegetables and fruit higher up. Different items require different temperatures. Chicken and pork needs higher cooking temperature than beef and lamb, a cherry tomato requires a more gentle cooking than meat. To accommodate this each level  reaches a different temperatures with the lowest level  at about 465F. This is great to initially brown meat items. Each successive levels are lower in temperature (425F, 355F, 285F) and are being used for gentler cooking needs.

Thanks to the little pans the Gourmet Pyramid can be converted into a raclette grill, using the pans to melt the raclette cheese while grilling on top. The pans are also great to make fried rice if the food selection comes with an Asian touch. To satisfy the sweet tooth, the pans are great to make little crepes to go with grilled fruit.

The meals that can be created with this unique Gourmet Pyramid are truly endless. Each new dinner guest will create a new mouthwatering meal.

The Gourmet Pyramid is a brand new item in Europe and the US and will soon change the way dinner is served in a lot of US households. Join the craze and let everyone be a chef.


Base with heating element:  1200 Watt, 115 Volt, lacquered steel  body

Grill Pyramid:                      Non-stick coated steel

Pans:                                 Non-stick coated steel with plastic handle

Manufacturer:                     TTM SA

Country of Origin:               Switzerland

The Gourmet Pyramid is currently available through the US distributor HSE eBiz LLC or at these fine retailers: www.MoreThanKitchen.com and www.RacletteCorner.com

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